The official language of TAMUN is English. It should be used in all proceedings, both formal and informal including written notes between delegates.



All delegates are counted upon to attend all committee sessions unless a case of emergency or an urgent health problem happens that will hinder them from attending. Delegates who do not attend 2 committee sessions will not be able to receive their certificate of participation.



All delegates are expected to attend TAMUN in Western business attire. Female delegates may wear blouses, sweaters and shirts, dresses with appropriate necklines, formal skirts and dresses in appropiate length. Male delegates should wear suits and ties/bowties. Wearing a blazer is mandatory for all delegates while they’re delivering a speech. Delegates who do not adhere to the following dress code will be given an official warning, and continuous non-compliance will result in the delegate’s expulsion from the conference.



Plagiarism is not tolerated in TAMUN conference. Any delegate who will be deemed blameworthy for plagiarism will be expelled from the conference instantly.



The usage of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not allowed in TAMUN and any against actions will be notified immediately to the advisors and the delegates will lose their right to receive a certificate of attendance.



Participation in social events won’t be allowed for those who are not a part of the conference, regardless of their relations to delegates.