- What is the official language of the conference?

The official language of the TAMUN Conference is English.

- Which procedure does the TAMUN Conference follow?

TAMUN enforces the THIMUN Rules and Procedure.

- What is the MUN Procedure?

Detailed information about the general procedure of Model UN can be found in the TAMUN Handbook can be accessed below.




- Who can attend the TAMUN conference?

Only students enrolled in high school can attend TAMUN'20.

- Do I need previous experience to participate?

No, delegates are not required to have previous experience.

- Is it mandatory to write opening speeches and position papers for the conference?

Further details will be published by the student officers of your respective committees

- How can I get an Invitation Letter for my school/institution?

You can contact our External Team via our e-mail,, to receive an invitation letter.

- Are there any workshops for participants?

Yes, there will be a first-timer workshop.

- How do I get prepared for the topics in my committee?

Chair reports will be submitted by the chairs of each committee for the delegates, which can be accessed on our website as soon as they are published.

- Is it mandatory to attend all sessions?

Yes, the certificate will be revoked if 3 sessions are missed.

- Will there be special events after the sessions?

Yes, there is the welcoming dinner/gala dinner on the first day of the conference and the TAMUN Party on the third day of the conference.

- When should I arrive?

The participants are expected to arrive before the Opening Ceremony for Registration.





- Is the conference free of charge?

TAMUN is free of charge. However, further expenses, which will be announced in the letter of notice regarding finances, will be paid by the participants. 

- What is the number of advisor free of charge?

Only 1 advisor per 10 delegates will be free of charge. ****

- For people who will accommodate at Akra Hotels, does the price in the accommodation letter apply only per night or throughout the conference?

The prices stated in the accommodation letter are the room prices per night.

- Is the transportation from the airport and bus terminal going to be provided?

We provide transportation from and to the airport and bus terminal, and between Akra Hotel and the conference venue, which is included in the participation fee.


For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at