As people of 21st Century, we all know that our world is not having its greatest times, facing threats about its climate and natural equilibirum which carry significant dangers and cannot be neglected.Thus, as TAMUN, we decided to take action to help avoid global warming, resulting climate change and furhter destruction of our environment starting with our very first conference. We intend to act in a problem solving way, which is also the approach of the MUN itself to matters. In the path to diminish the harmful effects of global warming and the climate change, we have used recycled papers for our notepapers, blank papers, newspapers, resolutions and in any other printed material. We are also planning on using electronic devices instead of papers the registration process and we will be discouraging delegates to print resolutions or drafts untill they are final. To further decrase the overuse of paper, we are not going to print the delegate handbook for our conference and instead we will provide it to our delegates as electronic data in our official website. We believe we have taken serious steps to be an eco-friendly conference and hope to extend our efforts further in the future.