As people of the twenty-first century, we are alarmed by the fact that our world is facing a tremendous amount of climate-related issues, putting our natural state of balance at risk, which is of utmost importance and cannot be neglected any further. Thus, while organizing our first conference in 2016, we, the TAMUN community, decided to take action to do our part to scale down the effects of climate change, and any further eradication of our nature. We intend to act swiftly and effectively, which is also the approach the UN itself uses to approach current issues. On the path to diminish possible consequences of global warming, we have decided to use recycled papers for our notepapers, blank papers, newspapers, resolutions, and any other printed material, while also encouraging all of our delegates to not print any resolutions until they are sure they are submitting their final draft. We are also planning on using an internet-based registration process instead of using papers. To further decrease the excessive use of paper, during our conference, we will not be printing the delegate handbook, and instead will be providing it to our delegates as a digital format on our official website. We believe serious steps should be taken in order to help with the process to save our planet, and hope to extend our efforts to become a more eco-friendly conference henceforth.