Dear High School Principals, MUN Directors and Advisors;
As the Secretary General of Ted Antalya Model United Nations 2019, it is my utmost pleasure to invite you all to our 4th annual MUN conference TAMUN 19, which will be held from 2nd _ 5th of  May.
Since our 1st TAMUN conference, the upsurge in participation has made us more powerful and ardent to prepare the new one. Our organization team has already started working in order to make this conference even better and much more professional. This achievement of ours has also enabled our sponsors to sustain their support. For us components of this success are competent team workers, supportive administration and the participants of prestigious schools.
As for conference venue and accommodation, upon the satisfaction and the positive feedbacks of our guests, we have decided to work with Akra Hotel this year, as well. After working hard and deligently in the committees we will provide two social events. First one is the “Welcoming Dinner” and the other one is the “Party Night”. We will also have one free afternoon for our guests to enjoy our glamorous city in May.
This year our theme is “Fostering Global Societies” with which we aim to provide a more equal world without any kind of discrimination. Encouraging public to become a community and fight with any issue that our world facing today such as hunger, fatal diseases, global problems or the distribution of ecology. If we establish a global society, we can attain a world without rape, murder or war. Safe areas for all of the human beings and a possibility for everyone to live their lives in welfare. Thus, we are again dedicaTED to being uniTED.
This year again for every 10 delegates one advisor will be free of charge.
Our committees and topics will be announced in our website as soon as possible.  


Secretary General